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Live At The Smell

Featuring: The Mae Shi, Foot Village, Ponytail, Abe Vigoda, High Places, Gowns, Barr, No Age, Health, Captain Ahab.

A must-have DVD that captures 10 of the most vital bands to perform at The Smell, downtown LA's essential all-ages venue. With 2 hours of high-quality audio and video recordings and a 6-panel full-color digipack case, this is an essential video document for the alternative / indie / noise-rock fan.

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Live At The Smell DVD

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"...those of us who never get out to L.A. will finally get to see what all the fuss is about" -PITCHFORK "The shots capture The Smell in true form." -LA RECORD "The Live at the Smell DVD is a veritable yearbook commemorating over 10 years of creativity and passion." -LA WEEKLY "...well worth seeking out." -THE PLAYLIST "...an impressive cast of bands." -THE ORGAN GRINDER




People Who Do Noise is a feature length documentary DVD focusing on the noise/experimental music of Portland, Oregon. In-depth interviews and intimate performance footage showcase the motivations, emotions, and ideas informing the music.

Featuring: Smegma, Daniel Menche, Pulse Emitter, Yellow Swans, Honed Bastion, Oscillating Innards, GOD, Kitty Midwife, Josh Hydeman, Soup Purse, Sisprum Vish, Argumentix, Redglaer, With Caro.

Over an hour of special features: official trailer, additional
footage, and deleted scenes

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FALL SALE!! DVDs are $15!! All prices are post-paid!!

People Who Do Noise


Released in July of 2008, PWDN has screened at festivals all over the world and has received press in multiple publications. It is currently available at multiple retail outlets throughout the United States and Europe. For more information about the film, go to peoplewhodonoise.com

"...director Adam Cornelius powerfully conveys the idea that noise music is a reflection of the chaos of nature, implying that gentler musical sounds are often shackled by conventional and unnatural order." -Nathan Carson, Willamette Week


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MAX-OUT! is an upcoming documentary about Harry Hong, the first man to achieve a perfect, "max-out" score of 999,999 on NES Tetris. The preview offers a glimpse of the man behind the score.


Max-Out! has now been extended to a feature-length production entitled Ecstasy Of Order featuring the top NES Tetris players in the country. For more info, or to inquire about donating funds to the project, click here.